If you would like more information about the Consortium, please contact the Honorary Secretary at the address below.
The Honorary Secretary
York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship
The Merchant Adventurers' Hall
Fossgate, YORK, YO1 9XD, England 

Consortium and Foundation Committee and Trustees

Professor Sir Ron Cooke
Vice Presidents
Dr K H M Dixon C.B.E.
The Lord Mayor of York (ex officio)
Dick Reid O.B.E.
Dr Andrew Scott
Dr Peter Addyman C.B.E.
Executive Committee 
Martin Stancliffe – Chairman and Foundation Trustee
Dr June Hargreaves – Vice Chairman and Foundation Trustee
Elaine Phillips – Hon. Treasurer, Consortium and Foundation
Mags Felter – Hon. Secretary, Consortium
Alaina Schmisseur – Technology Officer
Jim Spriggs – Membership Secretary and Foundation Trustee
James Grierson – Hon. Secretary, Foundation and Trustee 
Susie Clark 
Francis Downing
Sue Silk
Holly Spillsbury
Glenn Young
Martin Stancliffe
Dr June Hargreaves
Jim Spriggs
James Grierson
Dr Gill Chitty
Sarah Brown
Dr David Fraser

How to Join

Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the aims of the Consortium, whether you are a conservation practitioner or craftsman, a commissioner of conservation work, researcher, educator, or an interested supporter. 

As a member, you will be helping to support the work of the Consortium, which is run entirely voluntarily.

As a new member, you will receive a copy of the current Consortium Directory and the latest Newsletter. You will also receive regular newsletter mailings, and emailed announcements of local events, courses, lectures, etc. which may be of interest. You’ll also be sent details of special trips, visits and lectures organised specifically for Consortium members.
As a member, you may market your services via the Consortium website listings of practitioners and companies, with website links.

There are two categories of membership:  Corporate, if you wish to represent  your workshop, company or institution; and Individual, if you are a practitioner,  supporter or student/apprentice  and want to join on your own behalf.  The current (2015)) annual membership rates are:

Corporate - £50
Individual  - £20

To download a membership form and standing order mandate  please click on the download box to the right.  Payment should be made using internet banking, or by sending a standing order mandate to your bank.

Membership renewal is due on March 1st
  annually.  Please ensure you set up your subscription payment before returning the membership form to the YCCC membership secretary. Thank you!

Remembering YFCC in your will

Becoming a leading specialist in making, repairing and conserving our heritage takes time, money and commitment.  The York Foundation for Conservation & Craftsmanship exists to help talented and determined people develop the skills needed to look after our nation’s heritage.  For us to continue to provide this valuable support requires that the foundation is able, in turn, to attract donations from others. Leaving us a legacy means that your gift carries on giving for years to come.

After looking after the people that are important to you, leaving YFCC a legacy in your will is a great way to express your support for our heritage, the skills needed to care for it and the men and women who work so hard and with such dedication to do so.

If you are thinking about leaving us a legacy perhaps you'd like to read about some of the people we have helped in “Creating Tomorrow’s Heritage Skills”.  

Different ways you can leave a gift

There are three different types of gifts you can leave in your will: 
  • A residuary legacy is a share of the balance of your estate once all other payments have been made.
  • A pecuniary legacy is a fixed amount of money.
  • A specific legacy is a gift of a specific item, such as personal possessions, land, buildings or shares.

You should discuss which kind of gift is more appropriate with your solicitor or will writer.

It is helpful for us if gifts are made unconditionally as we can then use the money in the way it is most needed at the time. 

You may also wish to arrange a ‘gift in memory’ as a special way of commemorating the life of a loved one that will provide 
a lasting legacy. Gifts in memory can be arranged through funeral directors and could take the form of a named bursary. 

Legacy Pledges

We are extremely grateful to everyone who plans to leave the foundation a legacy, and would like to say thank you to anyone who pledges to do so. If you let us know that you intend to leave us a legacy we can thank you personally, tell you more about our work, keep in touch with you and keep you up to date about our successes and plans. 
If you would like to make a pledge, or indeed a donation now, please get in touch with James Grierson, Secretary of the Foundation at:
The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall
YO1 9XD 
Tel: - 01904 744203