The York Consortium is an association of individuals and companies who are actively engaged in or support the conservation of built and artistic heritage, and the craft skills necessary for its preservation. While most of our member conservators and crafts workers are based in the city of York and the surrounding area, their knowledge and skills are in demand locally, nationally and internationally. 

Membership is open to all. 
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services and how to join.

Bursaries and grants are provided via the York
Consortium’s charitable arm, the York Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship (Charity no. 1075315). Click here for a list of those who have donated to the investment fund, here for a list of previous bursary winners, and here for information about bursaries available and how to apply.


The main objectives of the Consortium are:

  • To promote to the widest audience the skills, knowledge and capabilities available in York, over a diverse and growing range of conservation specialisms, in order to attract additional work and funding.
  • To build on York’s enviable reputation as a nationally and internationally recognized centre for conservation practice, research, and teaching.

This is primarily achieved by: 

  • Attracting conservators and craftsmen to settle and work in York and stimulate business for the sector.
  • Promoting York as the natural place within the UK to hold heritage-related conferences, meetings, training courses and exhibitions.
  • Attracting more people to York to learn about heritage conservation at both the theoretical and the practical level.
  • Providing a range of membership services and support.
  • Working with other York-based organizations to show off the successful conservation of York’s buildings, archaeology and collections.
  • Sharing York’s experience and expertise on a worldwide  scale.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the training of students by the disbursement of awards and grants.

News Highlights

Southwell Minster Heritage Crafts Day




AGM 2017 Reports now available!

The York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship and York Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship Annual Report is now available.  Please click below to access a PDF version.  Paper copies will be available at the AGM.