Bursary Winners

For more information about the bursary winners, please click on their names (please note that these details are drawn from exhibition posters, some of which are several years old).

2019 (£28,225 awarded)

  • Luke Batchelor Stone Carver- for lifting equipment hire
  • Andrew Braund Metalwork Conservation- for the second year at West Dean College
  • Rosie Butler-Hall Textile Conservation- course fees for Chemistry for Conservators
  • Shannon Campbell Glass Conservation- for the Glass Conservation course at the British School in Athens
  • Tracey Cartledge Mosaic Artist- 2 week course at Cliveden Conservation
  • Caterina Celada Textile Conservation- second year of MPhil in Textile Conservation in Glasgow
  • Mark Eaton Stone Masonry- for taking on Apprentice (son) York College
  • Vicky Garlick Objects Conservation- short course on photograph preservation at the British Library
  • Kit Godfrey Woodworker- for the Introduction to Woodcarving short course at the City & Guilds
  • Abdul Hai Bookbinder- 10 week bookbinding course
  • Catherine Harris Textile Conservation- for the first year of an MPhil in Textile Conservation at Glasgow
  • Joshua Hill Painting Conservation- 10 week course in China
  • Dan Horner Musical Instrument Maker- for the first year of a 2 year course at West Dean College
  • Miriam Kleingeltink Paper Conservation- for an Internship at the Royal Collection Trust
  • Tara Laubach Paper Conservation- 2 month course in Leipzig
  • Alexandra Lawson Painting Conservation- 4 month Internship at the Watts Art Gallery
  • Eunjo Lee Musical Instrument Maker- second year of MA at West Dean College
  • Andri Maimaridou Ceramics Conservation- second year of MA at West Dean College
  • Steve Mann Stone Mason- for courses at the Scottish Lime Centre Trust
  • Sam Matthews Cabinet Maker- second year of 2 year course at West Dean College
  • Holly Spilsbury for the William Morris Craft Scholarship with the SPAB
  • Katie Strang Lime Plaster- for attending a conference on historic mortars in Spain
  • Rachel Trend Architect- for the RIBA Conservation Course at the University of York, King’s Manor
  • Christelle Wakefield Paper Conservation- 14 week Internship with the British Museum

2018 (£59,865 awarded)

  • 2017 (£29,400 awarded)

    • Adrian Bain Carpentry
    • Keith Barley Stained Glass Conservation
    • Charlotte Cameron Textiles Conservation
    • Tom Clancy Carpentry
    • Nigel Copsey Stone Masonry
    • Sophie Croft Ceramics Conservation
    • Teresa Dybisz Stone Carving
    • Kendall Francis Paintings Conservation
    • Lucie Fusade Buildings Conservation
    • Amy Goodwin Sign-writing
    • Sean Henderson Stone Masonry
    • Clare Jenkins Objects Conservation
    • Katharine Lockett Paper Conservation
    • Emma Michel Stone Masonry
    • Dale Perrin Carpentry
    • Mathilde Renaud Paintings Conservation
    • Anna Rennie Blacksmithing
    • Wendy Richardson Collections Care
    • Harriet Sands Wood Carving
    • Dale Sardeson Clock Conservation
    • Wendy Sommerville-Woodiwis Heritage Painting
    • Rebeca Suarez-Ferreira Objects Conservation
    • Eve Taylor Metalworking
    • Harry Todd-Morris Furniture Craft
    • Chris van Rooij Boat Building
    • Sally Walker Hemp Lime
    • Charles Wilding Furniture Craft
    • Thomas York Carpentry

    2016 (£26,780 awarded)

    2015 (£20,000 awarded)

    • Monika Adamczak Course on Chemistry for Conservators
    • Joe Boothby Training as a ship-wright specializing in tall ships
    • India Carpenter Intensive summer course in New York
    • Daniela Corda Training in clock conservation
    • Sam Elgar Stone carving course, City & Guilds School
    • Vicky Garlick Course on plastics conservation course
    • Katie Harrison Conservation & Technology conference
    • Corinne Henderson Paper Conservators congress in Berlin
    • Jess Hyslop Support for West Dean College paper conservation course
    • Emma Michel Support for York College stone masonry course
    • James Newton Course on Straw Building
    • Sophie Noon Support for Urban Conservation MA
    • Krystina Olczyk Developing further bookbinding skills
    • Melanie Pope Couse on Chemistry for Conservators
    • Martin Protheroe Support for a HCA course on Heritage Skills Supervision
    • Lorna Rowley Support towards Glasgow MPhil in Textile Conservation
    • Puneeta Sharma Support for Advanced Paper Conservation course in Italy
    • Jenna Taylor Support for 8 week placement with Mary Rose Trust
    • Peace Townsend Specialist tool purchase
    • Mylene Vigneron ICOMOS stained glass conference

    2014 (£14,632 awarded)

    • Zoe Barnett Support for 3 year City & Guilds training
    • Helen Bower Short course in London on glass objects
    • Leigh Bradley Purchase of engraver’s trestle
    • Andrew Brown To take on an apprentice
    • Samantha Cawson 3 day specialist course at West Dean College
    • Laura Chapman To attend Freiburg Stone Festival
    • Geoff Cooper Support towards a 2 year MSc in Timber Conservation
    • Josephine Crossland Short course on carving amphibians
    • Alexander Gibbons Support towards SPAB William Morris Fellowship
    • Zoe Harrigan Support for 2nd year at York College
    • Marisa Kalvins Apprenticeship
    • Yuri Karpov Improvements to workshop to fit needs of apprentices
    • Rowan Mastin Support for Northumbria MA
    • Mayada Oldenburg Specialist blacksmith tools at West Dean College
    • Julian Parr 2 year course at West Dean College
    • Hannah Sutherland Support for Glasgow 2 year MPhil
    • Charlotte Wilkinson Support for 2nd year MSc at Durham

    2013 (£12,100 awarded)

    • Rebecca Bennett Object conservation in Tanzania and Lebanon
    • Samantha Cawson Support for MA in Paper Conservation, Camberwell College
    • Jonny Daly Apprentice carpenter- for advanced training
    • Joanne Harrison Support for MA in Conservation Studies and Heritage Management, University of York
    • Wayne Hart Letter carver – to purchase equipment
    • Hanna Lettgen Support for MA in Stained Glass, University of York
    • Bridie Murray Apprentice plumber at York Minster – to purchase tool kit, funded by York Merchant Taylors
    • Samantha Peacock Apprentice stone mason at York Minster – towards NVQ and purchase of tools, funded by the York Merchant Taylors
    • Jacqueline Perkins Letter carver – to attend short course, funded by Freemasons
    • Nancy Peskett Stone mason – to purchase tools
    • Richard Pollitt Carpenter – to attend a course, funded by Historic Houses Association
    • Jamie Robinson Support for M Phil in Textile Conservation, Glasgow
    • Ralph Skrimshire Timber framer – to attend course and purchase tools, funded by Freemasons
    • Cymbeline Storey Archaeological Conservator – to attend a conference

    2012 (£10,800 awarded)

    • Sophie Norton, University of York Support training three craft apprentices, includes HHA award
    • York Minster stone masons To attend European Stone Festival
    • Stephen Pickering Support staff training, includes award from Freemasons
    • Fishbourne Museum, Sussex Support the conservation of mosaics
    • Emily Hale Assist with travel costs as SPAB William Morris Fellow
    • Brittany Cox Support for MA, Clock Conservation, West Dean College
    • Mary French Support for MA, Book Conservation, West Dean College
    • Rachel Lawson Support for MA, Ceramic Conservation, West Dean College
    • Sophie Gwynn Support for MA, Stained Glass Conservation, University of York
    • Alan Sewell Support for MA, Stained Glass Conservation, University of York
    • Garvin Sealy Support for MA, Stained Glass Conservation, University of York
    • Tom Vowden Support for MA in Stained Glass Conservation, University of York, held over for one year

    2011 (£9,500 awarded)

    • Thomas Soare – the Freemasons’ Award Support for travel costs as an SPAB William Morris Fellow
    • Joe Irving West Dean course on furniture making
    • Megan Stacey Support for MA, Stained Glass Conservation, University of York
    • Katie Harrison Support for MA, Stained Glass Conservation, University of York
    • Carol Peacock Support for MA course in Conservation, Camberwell College
    • Rachel Greenwood ARA course module in Parchment Conservation
    • Shelley Anderson Support for training with an expert Coppersmith
    • Geoff Neal – the Historic Houses Association (HHA) Award (For Lead-Working apprentice

    2010 (£11,000 awarded)

    • David Everingham- HHA award Picture Restorer – for taking on new apprentice
    • Nigel Barnett Blacksmith – for taking on new apprentice
    • Don Barker – the combined Freemasons and Merchant Taylors Award Blacksmith – for taking on new apprentice
    • Thomas Beeby Carpenter – to assist with travel costs associated with his SPAB William Morris Fellowship
    • Darren McLean West Dean course on the conservation of historic floors
    • Jodie Dodgson York Glaziers Trust – for a ‘Chemistry for Conservators’ course
    • Carol Peacock Archivist – to meet travel costs for an internship at Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum

    2009 (£12,000 awarded)

    2008 (£8,000 awarded)

    • Scottish Lime Centre Trust – National Lime Centre For taking on new apprentice
    • Ryedale Plasterers Ltd To train two high potential craftsmen
    • David Davies Carpenter- to meet living costs while undertaking SPAB fellowship
    • Ben Levings To finance career change City and Guilds stonemasonry course
    • Emma Schmuecker Conservator of Asian Armour – to attend specialist conference in India
    • Suzanne Kitto Metalwork Conservator – to attend a course in metalwork conservation at West Dean
    • Sayaka Fakuda Book Conservator – towards cost of MA on lacquered covers of Japanese souvenir albums

    2007 (£8,000 awarded)

    • Yorkshire Hurdles Woodland Management and Coppicing – contribution to costs of new apprentice
    • Houghtons of York Joiners and Carpenters – contribution to costs of new apprentice
    • Matthias Garn Stonemason – contribution to costs of new apprentice and to training of existing employee in letter-cutting
    • York Glaziers Trust Stained Glass Conservators – contribution to travel costs for information exchange with Cologne Cathedral
    • Alaina Schmisseur Archaeological Conservator – study of excavated leather shoes and their wearers
    • Yorkshire Air Museum Aircraft Conservation – preparation of complete training package for the application of fabric to historic airframes

    2006 (£4,000 awarded)

    • Don Barker Blacksmith – contribution to costs of taking on new indentured apprentice
    • Richard Hickton Stonemason – contribution to costs of 2-year stone carving course
    • Tracy Holmes Stained Glass Conservator – contribution to costs of 2-year MA course in Conservation studies at the University of York
    • Ruth Prosser Paper Conservator – travel costs for study in St Petersburg and Tallin of conservation of Chinese pith paper illustrations

    2005 (£3,925 awarded)

    • Michael Grady Decorative Plasterer – financial support for William Morris Fellowship with SPAB
    • Rachel Sabino-Gunaratna Conservator/Restorer of ceramics and glass – internship at the Corning Museum of Glass in the USA
    • Rosamund Weatherall Textile Designer – MA in textile conservation at Southampton University
    • Six York Minster Stone Masons Travel costs for international Stone Festival in Freiburg, Germany
    • Jenny Pearson Book and Paper Conservator – fees for Society of Bookbinders Training Conference at Bath University

    2004 (£3,700 awarded)

    • Steve Allen Wet wood Conservator – international seminar in Copenhagen
    • Tim Covington Stonemason – course in letter-cutting
    • Fiona Jones Decorative Plasterer – financial support for William Morris Fellowship from SPAB
    • Julia Meredith Wood Carver – setting up own business
    • >Katerina Powell Conservator of Architectural Drawings – specialist course in Hamburg
    • Helen Whittaker Stained Glass Artist – figurative sculpture course

    2003 (£4,500 awarded)

    • Matthias Garn Stonemason – Master stonemason course in Germany
    • Lee Godfrey Stone Carver – MA course in conservation
    • Tom Heys and Andrew Brind Blacksmiths – Master’s course in leafwork
    • David Medley Stonemason – restoration carving course
    • Stephanie Erpenbeck Student Conservator – open water diving course for marine archaeology

    2002 (£4,800 awarded)

    • Yvonne Adamson Conservator of Scagliola – studies in Eastern Europe
    • Gary Bishop Trainee Stained Glass Artist – medieval glass-painting techniques
    • Susie Clark Paper and Photographic Conservator – courses on digitisation of photographic records
    • Lindsay Hogarth Apprentice Stone Carver – international apprentice competition at Dresden’s Frauenkirche
    • Stephen Pickering Builder and Stonemason – advanced craft training and use of lime mortar

    2001 (£2,000 awarded)

    • Iain Broadbent Apprentice Wood Carver – for the purchase of tools
    • Michael Goulding Stone Mason – specialist tools for international competition in Korea
    • Erica Paterson Archaeological Conservator – specialist course
    • Leanne Walker Stained Glass Conservator – work experience in other expert studios