These are strange times; but the YCCC committee had its first online meeting on 30th March, and confirmed that we remain active in pursuit of the Consortium’s objectives.

Although this year’s bursary round formally closed for applications at the end of March, we are aware that some applicants may have encountered difficulty in submitting applications in time. We therefore propose to make an allowance of a few days to allow late applications to be delivered – preferably online.

We are also aware that a number of courses and training places have shut up shop for the time being, and that this may impact on some applications. Accordingly we have agreed to make such awards as we can at this time, but we are considering holding a second round in the autumn. Watch the website for further news in due course.

The York Consortium is actively engaged in supporting the conservation of built and artistic heritage, and the craft skills necessary for its preservation.

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While most of our member conservators and crafts workers are based in Yorkshire, their knowledge and skills are in demand locally, nationally and internationally.

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