Annual Bursaries  Craft Trainee Bursary

The application round for 2024 is now closed and will reopen next year.

The York Consortium for Craft and Conservation provides annual bursaries to support training and skills development in heritage conservation and the craft skills vital for its preservation.

Since its launch in 2000 the Consortium has received the support of many generous donors, both individual and corporate, to build up its Bursary Fund. We use the revenue generated by the Fund for our bursary programme and this is boosted by additional annual contributions from partner charities with similar objectives, including Pinnacle Conservation, the York Conservation Trust, the York Company of Merchant Taylors, the Surveyors Club and the Mountain Bothies Association. Click here for a full list of the donors who have supported our work.

From small beginnings, we have made over 300 bursary awards to talented and committed individuals working across many heritage and craft specialisms. We know that our bursary programme can make a huge difference in encouraging people to take what is often a difficult step in funding the development of their skills and new directions. In addition, the bursaries provide a valuable boost to confidence, recognition of ability and access to new professional networks.

Bursaries for 2024

Last year, we refreshed our Bursary scheme offer with new opportunities for applying. For details go to Individual Bursaries and the Craft Trainee Bursary – offered over two or three years.

Annual Bursaries  Craft Trainee Bursary