Conservation survey results now available!

The report is based on data gathered through two comprehensive surveys: one aimed at the employed and self employed conservators working within the Yorkshire and Humber region and the other directed towards museum professionals responsible for making decisions about collections care and conservation. The surveys elicited a widespread response and the results provide a clear snapshot of the regional situation.

The survey data covers a three year period and a number of key issues were apparent, the most concerning of which was the urgent need for better communication and engagement between conservators and museum professionals, leading to a fuller understanding of how museums and their collections can be adequately serviced and protected by conservators operating within the Yorkshire and Humber region. Other areas covered by the surveys include age and experience, accreditation and the Conservation Register, sources of income and advice, training and the role of volunteers.

This survey has been a pioneering piece of work and we hope that the findings in Yorkshire will also shed a useful light on the national picture.

The full report has now been published and is available on the YCCC website