Pinnacle Conservation – De Gray Rooms and House

Pinnacle Conservation, established in 2019 by Managing Director Adam Hickey, is – as many YCCC members will know – a well-regarded Conservation and Restoration Specialist based in Yorkshire. They have gained a reputation for their dedication and trustworthiness, particularly in working on Listed and Historical Buildings in the region.

One of their notable projects is located in York, a short walk from their office, at the De Grey Rooms and House. This stunning building dates back to 1841 and exemplifies early Victorian architecture, designed by the architect George Townsend Andrews. It was commissioned by Thomas Philip de Grey, the 2nd Earl de Grey and colonel-command of the Yorkshire Hussar Regiment.

Pinnacle Conservation was appointed as the Main Contractor for the upgrade and re-decoration works throughout the De Grey Rooms and House on behalf of York Conservation Trust. The purpose of the renovation was to prepare the building for occupancy as the Trust’s new city centre office.

The scope of the project included full Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) works, which involved installing new data, lighting, fire, and security alarms. To preserve the building’s historical authenticity, traditional methods were used by skilled craftsmen. Oak riven laths and lime plaster were applied to repair areas damaged by water.



To address any issues on the lower levels of the building, Sepiolite Poultice was used before re-plastering and decoration. Additionally, Pinnacle Conservation’s in-house joiners undertook the delicate task of refurbishing over 40 sash and Yorkshire Sliding windows. This process included splice and resin repairs, as well as re-weighting to ensure the windows functioned properly.

Externally, the building underwent a full Doff clean, which is a gentle cleaning method suitable for historical structures. As part of the finishing works, the existing Newey clock received a fresh coat of paint.

One of the notable additions to the building’s design was a new Fan light above the entrance door, which incorporated the design details of the original diamond linoleum entrance flooring. To complete the design, Coloured Stained Glass was installed, adding an exquisite touch to the entrance area.

Overall, Pinnacle Conservation’s work on the De Grey Rooms and House exemplifies their commitment to preserving historical architecture while making necessary upgrades for modern use.