Restoration of St Olave’s Church Reredos


We are delighted to share the incredible work done by Iain Broadbent, a skilled woodcarver and valued YCCC member, at St Olave’s Church in Marygate. Iain was commissioned by the churchwarden, Buff Reid, to restore the missing oak sections of the church’s beautiful Edwardian era Reredos, a project that required both precision and artistry.

The Reredos, designed in the Gothic Revival style by the renowned architect Edmund Kirby, was missing two pinnacles with their corresponding finials and a large crocket. Iain was able to have access to original pieces in his workshop, which allowed him to accurately recreate these intricate components. His passion for gothic work shone through in this project, making it a true labour of love.


Iain was asked by the Church Buildings Council to discreetly sign and date each piece before fitting them into place. This subtle mark ensures that his contribution to this historic church is recognised for generations to come.

Iain, who honed his craft as an apprentice to the late Dick Reid, found it particularly meaningful to work in a church that also houses a memorial stone for his former mentor. The project was made possible with the support of Ben and Steve at Steve Popple Restoration, who provided the oak blanks, and assisted with polishing and fitting.

Iain extends his thanks to Ben and Steve at Steve Popple Restoration for supplying the oak blanks, polishing and fitting. Many thanks to Iain for sharing this incredible project! For those interested in viewing this exquisite craftsmanship, a visit to St Olave’s Church is highly recommended.