Historic Towns & Villages Forum Webinar: Climate Change and Historic Places: Part 2

Webinar on Thursday 21st January 2021, 12-2pm

Tickets: £5-25

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Sponsored by Donald Insall Associates

With Heritage Declares calling for action, this webinar will look at climate change, our heritage and its settings. These two linked webinars will look at the close relationship between managing historic places and climate change.

To-date 300 out of the 404 district, county, unitary and metropolitan councils in the UK have declared a Climate Emergency, and are looking at what ‘net zero’ emissions by 2030 or 2050 means for their strategic policies and day-to-day actions. At the same time, the heritage sector has a new call for action – Heritage Declares.

While the inherent sustainability of re-using existing buildings is well-known, how persuasive are we at arguing for their retention in energy terms, or the microclimate of their settings?

How we balance adapting historic places to be more environmentally-responsible, whilst not harming their historic character, is a key challenge.

With low and zero-carbon strategies becoming increasingly important to places and organisations, what are the kind of actions that can be taken – large and small? What role can communities play when setting their own agendas for neighbourhood plans or rescuing historic buildings?

Each event counts as 2 hours of CPD.


Part 2: Thursday 21st January 2021 at 12-2pm

Introduction and Recap, Steven Bee, Director, Steven Bee Urban Counsel
Heritage and Climate Change: Policies and Strategies for Historic Areas, Dave Chetwyn, Managing Director, Urban Vision Enterprise CIC
Zero-Waste Masterplanning, Jane Manning, Partner, Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners
Retrofitting for Flood Resilience in Buildings & Communities, Edward Barsley, Founder, The Environmental Design Studio (TEDS)
How Sustainability has grown in Hockerton – Case study: Wind energy, Simon Tilley, Sustainable Hockerton

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